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Ilaria Quadrani Fine Arts is based in New York and specializes in Master Drawings and Photographs.

Ilaria Quadrani has been in the art business for over twenty years. She received her master's degree at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York in 1994 and began working at a London gallery soon after. Ilaria then joined the Drawings department at Christie's in London and later moved to Manhattan to run their New York Drawings department.

In 1999, Ilaria Quadrani began working independently as a private dealer specialized in sixteenth to early twentieth century 

European drawings under the name Ilaria Quadrani Master Drawings.  

In 2018, Ilaria Quadrani Master Drawings expanded and was renamed Ilaria Quadrani Fine Arts incorporating also Photographs to her fields of interest. Ilaria Quadrani Fine Arts currently deals privately in the United States and around the globe.

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