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Giada Randaccio Skouras Sweeny

Italian/American, b. 1986

Giada Randaccio Skouras-Sweeny is a photographer based in Italy and NYC, of Italian, American, Greek and Irish descent. Born in Manhattan but raised in Rome, she was exposed to culture, art and beauty her entire childhood. 

Giada started taking pictures at a very young age, her first time in a dark room was when she was 11 years old. She has always loved the medium of photography as a means to preserve memories. At age 19, while traveling in Tunisia, her passion for photography grew. The sight of the colosseum at El Jem took her breath away and she consumed it and gave it justice. From that day on she continued taking photographs non-stop with her own perspective. 

First getting recognition through web challenges (her pictures were digitally projected on a 42 floor building in Times Square in July 2014 ) she decided to perfect her craft by studying at the Instituto di Fotografia of Milan for two years. 

During that time she had two solo shows, one in Rome at the 28 Piazza di Pietra fine art Gallery in June 2016, and one in Milan at the Galleria Francesco Zanuso in January 2017. 

Since then her photographs have been digitally displayed in Athens, Ljubljana, Barcelona, Berlin, Las Vegas, Milan (at the MIA Photo Fair), Belgrade, The Hague and Venice. 

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