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Forgotten Series

The Forgotten.... brings into the light, those whom have been forgotten by time or place.

The concept behind this series stems from 6 years of Friday visits to the local auction house in search of frames. Some of these frames were empty, while others held landscapes, still lifes or portraits. When my bid won a 3.5'x 5' framed painting of a soldier I felt disrespectful discarding his image and he was placed as guardian of our garage. As the canvas collection grew, I started thinking of the time, care and love put into these portraits of people I will never know in person or in name.
I do know they were loved. These portraits have brush strokes and eraser marks where time and attention was given to the subject. One particular suited gentleman had two portraits painted with 10-20 years in between. I won the two separate auctions, wanting the frames, not realizing I had a growing inventory of this particular subject.

All of these portraits are striking in their own way, be it by a masterly hand with a paint brush or an eye for neon; there is a weirdness and playfulness that catches the attention. While I will never know their backstory, I can at least give them one last farewell.
They are happy out in the woods now where some will remain. I'll document them as they age and keep the animals company. They are in their own gallery opening and getting the attention they deserve, with one last spot-light drawing attention to someone whom at a point in time was perhaps adored.

The Lover[1].jpg
The First[1].jpg
Questioning Theo[1].jpg
John is Clever[2].jpg
Hope Collects Small Objects[2].jpg
Suzie Sings Too[1].jpg
Lucy has a Secret[1].jpg
Winters in Summer[2].jpg
Neon Child[1].jpg
Squirrel Girl[1].jpg
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