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Cradle to Grave Portraits

When working as a headshot & portrait photographer in Los Angeles, Wheaton would give key words and scenarios to clients to help draw out a variety of expressions.  While their reactions were anticipated, there were surprises along the way that made me curious.  These comparisons of expected and unpredictable mannerisms are a celebration of all our unique experiences.  

For this portfolio, Wheaton came up with 76 single word prompts that started with, “birth” and ended with, “death”.  In between, was teenage heartbreak, love, pride, and for some, family. The varying age gap revealed that certain youth knew no loss, while the older subjects had endured great tragedy.  And with age also came a greater multitude of experiences with love, pride and independence.

While some subjects would give of themselves completely, others chose when to put a mask on their emotions.  Both of these scenarios are equally compelling as you can see so much in their facial tension or hand display that in themselves, is a strong response.

The white backdrop takes the viewer from birth to middle age; the black backdrop takes you to a physical death.

Cradle to Grave, was an intense and intimate series to work on. Wheaton was honored to have had the chance to photograph these subjects and listen to their stories.

Embrace, Fine Art Inkjet Print, Series of 20
Madness, 2016, Fine Art Inkjet Print, Series of 20
Embrace (RM), Fine Art Inkjet Print, Series of 20
Loss (CW), Fine Art Inkjet Print, Series of 20
Loss, Fine Art Inkjet Print, Series of 20
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